Do you like yoga but sometimes wonder if you aren’t hardcore enough? Me too.

Are you a writer who wants improve your craft? Me too.

Do you smile awkwardly and try to change the subject when people make casual references to literature that you probably should have read but haven’t? Me too.

Do you like (or increasingly love) San Francisco? Me too.

Silicon Savasana is a blog about all of these things.

It’s written by Kirby.



5 replies

  1. BTW – nice picture. It might just be me, but I like seeing the person whose blog I’m reading. Seems to make it more personal. You know? Anyway, still enjoying your blog!

  2. Not a fan of Yoga.
    Never been to San Francisco.
    I’m generally the one who makes references to all kinds of literature (and thereby compel others to smile awkwardly and change topics).
    Yet… I enjoyed going through your blog. Also, this is one interesting About page! 🙂

    • Thanks Sufyan!
      I’ve never been to India either (although I’d love to go some day).
      Send me a list of your 5 favorite books and I’ll add them to my (already long) list of things to read 🙂

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