The Power of Podcasts

I used to not really understand the appeal of podcasts, except perhaps for this one.

But lately I’ve been getting into them. I’m not sure if it’s that they’ve become more narrative in style, or if production quality is improving. Or perhaps I’ve just found a couple that interest me.

What I’m realising is that (good) podcasts are so much more intimate than watching television. It can almost be like having a one-sided conversation with a friend. You feel involved, like you can be part of the story or discussion.

Here’s a few that have got me interested.

#1 Serial

The widely popular Serial, which reinvestigates the real life murder of Baltimore teenager Hae Min Lee. Her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed was convicted with the murder when he was 17, and has now served nearly 15 years of his life-plus-30 years sentence. I don’t normally go in for murder mysteries, but the storytelling in Serial is just too good. Good news for fans/addicts, Serial have just confirmed that there will be a second season (story TBC).

#2 Chat10Looks3

Next up is Chat10Looks3, a fun podcast from Australian journalists Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales. They talk about books, TV shows, people, cooking and Leigh’s love of musical theatre, among other things. I find this podcast great when I’m feeling lonely or homesick, and I’m moderately ashamed to admit that I like to pretend that Annabel and Leigh are my friends. Hat tip to Clare for finding this one.

#3 Startup

Finally, I’m in the very early days of Startup. This one is very meta—it tells the story of Alex Blumberg (of Planet Money and This American Life) trying to create his storytelling podcast startup. I haven’t got far enough into this one to express an opinion, but based on what I’ve seen/heard of Blumberg, it’s going to be good. Again, HT to Clare.

Man listening to headphones on plane


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  1. Glad you’re enjoying the podcast recommendations 🙂 How fun is Chat10Looks3?!

    For me I’ve really gotten into podcasts over the last year as they allow me to get some intellectual stimulation while doing the multi-tasking mum thing (taking Ella for a walk, ironing, cleaning, preparing food, or in the car). Normally I’d put off doing housework and chores, but if it’s an opportunity to also listen to a good podcast then I’m much more motivated!

    Another one that I’m absolutely loving at the moment is Slate’s Working – interviews with people with all sorts of jobs (hospice worker, preacher, someone in a band, Stephen Colbert!) about their workdays.

    Alec Baldwin also does a great podcast – Here’s the Thing, and the one that probably started my interest in podcasts (and that Jason and I usually choose for long drives) is Radiolab.

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