Beating the Winter Blues

It’s easy to get down at this time of year. It’s cold, it’s dark by 5pm, and Karl hangs around in the mornings.

To try to boost my spirits, I made a list of things I was grateful for today. Who knows, maybe it’ll boost yours too?

  1. The grand selection of exciting single serve yogurts at Wholefoods. Passionfruit, raspberry and cherry treats, yes please!
  2. Talking with old friends I’ve known for almost 30 years , and new friends I’ve known for one.
  3. Overhearing people say funny things on the phone: “the department of jollity and frivolity frowns on that.”
  4. Coming up with puns first thing in the morning and cracking yourself up: Marmalade is my jam. 
  5. Feeling a cold wind lift the hair off your head and shake it around a bit. (Best to not worry about what it looks like afterwards).
  6. Seeing peonies—the unicorns of flowers—at the flower stall.
  7. Clever black comedies.
  8. Clever books: “Sometimes I wish we could rub out all of our mistakes and start fresh, from the beginning.” I said. “And sometimes I think there isn’t anything to us but our mistakes.”
  9. Spotify. Including the new family sharing feature, and the fact that I can make an awesome modern-day mixed tape. Haters gonna hate, Taylor.
  10. Speaking of Taylor, I suppose we can be grateful for her too. I CANNOT get Shake it Off out of my head. If you clicked that link, now neither can you.

Oh, and puppies.




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  1. That’s a lovely post! What I’m most grateful for is you and your sister! What beautiful, wonderful people you both are! xx

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