On Finding a Favorite Yoga Teacher

Yoga SketchThe very first post I ever wrote on this blog questioned whether moving to San Francisco would turn me into a machine of yogic awesomeness. In fact, I was even considering using my first couple of months here to do a yoga teacher training course.

To my surprise, in the first month or so of being here, I did yoga only once. So then I asked the question again. Surely a place with such alternative roots (and a yoga room at the airport for Pete’s sake!) would inspire me to get serious.

In fact, in the 9 months or so we’ve been here, I’ve barely done any yoga. I did one Bikram class in the Outer Sunset. I’ve been to Yoga to The People a few times. My most regular (if you can call it that) haunt has been Yoga Tree Hayes, where I’ve been somewhere between 10-15 times. I’ve been to just 1 of the free classes offered at my co-working space (granted, they hold them at the somewhat impractical time of 3pm).

This drop-off in commitment—to something I was feeling very serious about a year ago—has had me increasingly puzzled. Did I get bored? Is it because I realized my real passion was writing, and yoga fell by the wayside? Or was yoga a tool I used to stay calm about the wedding, and now I don’t need it?

I’ve been noodling on this for a while, and I think I’ve found the answer. I haven’t yet found a teacher or studio I really click with. One of the reasons I got so into yoga in Brisbane, is because I found a great (heated) studio, and in particular, a couple of teachers whose classes I really enjoyed.

I just haven’t found that here in San Francisco. Yoga Tree Hayes is pretty good, and has some great teachers, but I’ve never left there with the same feeling I used to leave my Brisbane studio with. Perhaps it’s the lack of heating? I don’t know.

So my new mission is to find a yoga teacher and yoga studio I love. Somewhere good enough to justify getting out of bed on a foggy, grey San Francisco morning. A place where I leave feeling excited and inspired.

Maybe finding the perfect yoga studio/teacher in a new city is like finding a soulmate. It can take a long time, but you’ll know it when you find it, and it will have been worth the wait…

If you live in San Francisco and know an awesome yoga teacher/studio, please let me know!  


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