Not Quite Adoring Adore

I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of something interesting to write about this week. It’s tricky because I spent most of the weekend sick in bed.

But then I remembered that during my bed rest, I watched an interesting/bizarre movie called Adore. It stars the beautiful Robin Wright (of Forrest Gump and House of Cards fame) as Roz, and Naomi Watts as Lil.

The plot is pretty wacky. Roz and Lil are childhood friends who grew up and stayed in a beautiful Australian coastal town. (It looks like the NSW coast to me). They each have a son, both of whom have turned into muscular surfer-gods.

2 young male surfer characters in Adore film

Lil’s son Ian (a sensitive soul, whose father has died at the start of the movie) is in love with Roz and manages to seduce her on his second attempt. Meanwhile Roz’s son Tom decides he might as well do the same thing with Lil.

Complications ensue, as one of the boys goes to Sydney and realizes there is such a thing as girls his own age.

It wasn’t an amazing movie. The story line is pretty absurd. The acting is shaky in parts (especially from the less experienced cast members).

But Robin Wright’s Australian accent is admirable. And somehow I still ended up sympathizing with the main characters.

The movie also did a good job at capturing the dreamlike, detached experience you can have living in such a beautiful-yet-isolated place. Overall, I would rate it slightly higher than the score it has received on IMDb (6.2), and much higher than its score on Rotten Tomatoes (4.6).

Then again, perhaps my homesickness for an Australian beach summer is clouding my judgment…

Those of you in the US can watch Adore on Netflix.

Other reviews: (worth it for the headline alone) Two Hot Mothers, Two Hot Sons, Sexy Time; and The New York Times Review, which fairly points out:

It is worth noting that the same movie about a couple of dads sleeping with each other’s 20-year-old daughters would need, at a minimum, to confront the ickiness of the situation. Really, such a movie would be unlikely to make it into theaters, in spite of the commonness of real-life relationships between older men and younger women.

I ran this post through the new Hemingway app – I recommend it for catching those pesky adverbs


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  1. Hey Kirby, how did you like Hemingway?

    I really liked the functionality a lot. But editor view got messed up often with text displaying on top of text. And I also worried about the lack of a SAVE button. What if my PC crashes? What if I accidentally navigate off the page? I did think it improved my writing on the piece I was working on, so IDK.

    I normally let the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin tell me to write better (simpler). But Hemingway seems even better. Still, I’m not thrilled about having to move my copy around vs just leaving it in WP. Hmm… there’s probably some sort of Hemingway plugin! Might go look.

    Sorry to hear you were sick. Hope you’re feeling better!

    • Hi Vanessa, I liked it a lot! It’s going to make me a lot more disciplined about adverbs and passive voice.
      Agree that switching copy between sites is a bit of a pain, but I actually have a pretty inefficient workflow anyway (for work I draft in Google Docs, then move it over to WordPress via Text Edit to remove the formatting).
      I like switching between mediums though, because I find I pick up typos and see the post with fresh eyes when it’s in a new setting. (It’s kind of my replacement for printing it out and proofreading a hardcopy).
      Thanks for commenting, and for the RT this morning! You’re very kind 🙂

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