What better distraction from dismal weather than a museum?

Thanks to a weekend of plan-ruining (but much needed rain), we finally made it to San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum yesterday. The museum came highly recommended, and we weren’t disappointed.

The Masterworks were particularly cool. These are objects the museum has decided to bring to our attention—because they are:

  • beautiful objects;
  • historically important; and
  • rare.

My favorite of these was a rinoceros-shaped ritual vessel from China. Scroll through The Masterworks list at this link to see a picture of the vessel from above.

I’m really glad we got the audioguide, which like the audiotour at Alcatraz, was really well done. It’s so much easier to appreciate the works while listening to the description of an enthusiastic curator!

We got there kind of late, so didn’t get to see the whole collection this time around. It doesn’t matter though, because I want to go back and check out the upcoming Yoga exhibition.


Image credits: Thanun Buranapong on Unsplash (Featured Image) and Asian Art Museum (Yoga Exhibition)


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