Click City

I was pretty excited to see this in the paper this morning—The Chronicle is publishing a new serial called Click City, written by Heather Stallings.

As Stallings explains on her website:

It’s been more than 30 years since Armistead Maupin’s classic novel, Tales of the City, was serialized in the San Francisco Chronicle, depicting a free and easy San Francisco with the drug and sex counter-culture in full swing. Now 30 plus years later, the techies and digerati have arrived with an intent to fit in and make the city a better place. But not everyone agrees.

The story began today with Roger Martin, the 44 year old founder and CEO of Jade Software.

Wearing an XXL hoodie — not at all his style, but it was the uniform in these parts — the 6-foot-4, lanky Roger hesitated as a group of skinny-jeaned young adults strutted past him with their steaming cups.

Readers were given a hint about Roger’s rival—the  27 year old “lady-killer” CEO of Mobster Inc. Sounds like a brogrammer to me—a perfect nemesis, really.

The best part of today’s instalment was Roger’s interaction with the barista at Nexus Cafe—a joint “90 percent occupied with youngish people and their laptops and paper coffee cups.”

“How’s that egg-white special tastin’?” Roger breezily asked the severe-looking barista (drawn face, sharp eyebrows as black as her skinny turtleneck, lipstick like a bruise). “Shhh,” she hushed, like a library policeman. “Inside voice, please.” Roger’s inside voice quietly asked himself: What am I doing here?

Click City will continue in The Chronicle’s Datebook every day this week, before settling into its normal schedule of Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Image credit: SF Gate


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