YouTube yoga

I haven’t posted about yoga in a while, so here goes. Lately I’ve been enjoying the benefits of YouTube yoga.


  • You can do it whenever you want
  • You can wear whatever you want
  • You can press pause if you miss an instruction
  • It’s free
  • You can pick a practice to suit your mood, and the time you have available
  • If you wipe-out in a hard pose it’s much less embarrassing
  • Same goes for if you accidentally pass wind


  • Nobody is there to give you an adjustment
  • It’s less social
  • It’s less inspiring than a live class with a really great teacher
  • Google is watching (just kidding, you don’t have to sign in)

I did this class by Tara Stiles last night—I thought it was pretty good.

I think the secret to developing a regular (ideally daily) practice might be to combine YouTube and class yoga.


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  1. Hi Kirby, nice blog! I hope you’re well and enjoying SF.
    Have you tried I really like it and have bought a few of their classes. Neesha’s my fav instructor. Still haven’t managed to get into a routine though….
    Greetings from Melbourne!

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