This is my favourite blog right now

Randy is doing an experiment to see if he can fill his soul hole. He writes beautifully and authentically.
This post particularly resonated with me. Randy writes that performing random acts of kindness requires courage—and provides a lens through which you begin to see the world in terms of opportunities to be kind.

Filling My Soul Hole

I was back to my old ways this morning.  I rolled from the bed to the shower and then moped my way to the train stop down the street.  Which means I was my normal grumptastic self on the train and politely scowled at the woman talking too loud on her cell phone.  I’m mad at myself that I didn’t make use of the time before work.  Damn it, Mornings, why do I hate you so, you ugly, cruel bastard!

What do I do here?  Do I continue this struggle with my bright-eyed nemesis or do I just make peace with the fact that it’s not going to happen and this is a futile war?  It just seems like such prime, useful time.  But I’m trying to be flexible in this project and experiment with what works and what doesn’t, so I guess I’m glad I got the chance to…

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