2013 Australian Election

Tomorrow (or today, given the time difference) is the 2013 Australian Federal Election. The current Labor government looks set to get wiped out.

I am enrolled in the federal seat of Griffith, which just happens to be Kevin Rudd’s electorate. Mr Siliconsavasana and I have a bet going on whether or not Kevin will lose his seat. I say he’s outta there.

Yesterday I spent the morning trying to become an informed citizen before going off to cast my vote. I’ve been trying to keep up with the news, but most of the stuff I come across online is policy-unrelated dribble. I won’t get started on how I can’t access my favourite Australian news source from overseas—ABC iview. Oh wait, I just did.

Anyway after a few hours of research, my initial suspicion was confirmed. Neither of the major parties have policies I can agree with. It made me really sad. This is the fourth federal election I have voted in and I have never been able to vote for a person and party I really believed in (who had a chance at winning).

So I decided to write a small wish list. These are the policies I would like to see from a viable candidate in a viable party by the next federal election:

  1. An asylum-seeker policy driven by compassion, not political point scouring
  2. Same-sex marriage
  3. A budget policy that follows economic principles rather than arbitrary surplus targets
  4. No silly talk of an internet filter (that one is for you, Mr S)
  5. Tax reform
  6. Smart policies for closing the gender wage-gap and getting women into the top positions
  7. Simple, smart environmental policies

None of these are easy policies to implement, and I don’t claim to have all the answers (although I’m pretty sure there is a Henry Tax Review sitting around getting dusty that would be a good start for number 5). But I’m looking for leadership, real leadership, to come up with solutions and then sell those solutions.

There will always be winners and losers—people who love and hate certain policies. Great leaders can change minds. Great leaders can inspire a country to be better.

I sincerely hope that by the time I vote in my fifth federal election, I can vote for someone I believe in. For now, I’m getting ready to watch the Howard-era 2.0 from afar.

Photo credit: Aussie Bush Adventures


3 replies

  1. This is the candidate my $10 is riding on…. hmmmm
    Does make me a bit homesick though. Except for the “tackle Ruddy in the nuddy” bloke at the Apollo Road ferry terminal.

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