19 days and counting

This month I signed up for the 750words challenge. The idea is that you write 750 words every day for the month.

You can do it at any time during the day, but you can’t catch up for past days once the clock has struck midnight (in your timezone). If you succeed in the challenge you go on The Wall of Awesomeness. If you fail, you go on The Wall of Shame. There are also little badges to be earned for particular achievements, like writing 10 days in a row, or writing early in the morning.

You get this little guy for writing 10 days in a row.

You get this little guy for writing 10 days in a row.

I added my own incentives to the mix. If I succeed in the challenge I will go to the San Francisco Zoo, which is renowned for it’s baby animals. What could be a stronger incentive than the prospect of seeing the Zoo’s baby gorilla?

If I fail, I will make a $10 donation to 750words. I’m more worried about ending up on the dreaded Wall of Shame and plan to make the donation anyway.

There have been some days, particularly on the weekend, where I have REALLY not felt like writing. I’ve had to force myself to sit at my computer and start writing the most banal crap to get going.

But what I’ve realised is that every time I write, I will stumble on at least one new insight or understanding. It might be that I clarify an issue I’ve been thinking about. Or I might realise something about myself or my behaviour.

It’s also been really helpful for goal setting and getting myself organised. I feel like I’ve achieved at least one thing every day that I complete my 750words.

So the plan is to keep going and finish the month. I might even sign up for the September challenge.

(Thanks to Clare for recommending 750words, it’s been a big help).


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