The best things in life are free

Sometimes it’s worth asking a question even when you think you know the answer. You may just be surprised. I certainly was, when Mr Siliconsavasana agreed to come to yoga in Golden Gate park on Saturday. It’s been many years since I’ve seen him attempt a yoga pose.

Ignoring slightly woolly heads, we set off on our bikes for the free 11am yoga, taught by instructors from the Purusha Seva Project. We arrived at the big rec fields near Lincoln Way and 7th and knew we’d found the right place when spotted a couple of people with yoga mats across the field. By the time it was 11am, there were around ten of us.

Everyone waited for the instructor to arrive. Eventually one of the students spoke to the studio and then informed us that the instructor was sick. There would be no free class that day. The organisers were sorry, but if any of us wanted to go to the studio we could do the 11.30am class for free. A few people packed up straight away. Mr Siliconsavasana and I decided to stay and he asked me to give him a private yoga lesson.

As we were practicing our amateur yoga we noticed a rustling in the grass near us. We kept going with our yoga flow, but then it happened again. I felt a little nervous. What could it be? After a few more rustles, a little furry head poke out of the hole, with big black shiny eyes. It was a hamster!


So while I cannot report on the quality of the free Saturday morning yoga class in Golden Gate park, I can tell you that if you take your mat out into the great outdoors, you never know what you might see.

Here is a link to the Purusha Studio if you are interested. And to the handy website where I first found it FunCheapSF.


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