Spirited swan dives at Yoga Tree

My mission to find San Francisco’s most affordable yoga began yesterday at Yoga Tree in Hayes Valley.

Having walked past the studio a couple of times to suss it out, I determined that Yoga Tree was a safe place to begin my journey.

I bought my pass and registered online, so all I had to do to upon arrival was provide my name to the girl at the front desk. Too easy!

I opted for a one hour vinyasa class, suitable for all levels. I am most familiar with vinyasa style classes and after a nauseating foray into Bikram last month, I wanted a class that I was almost guaranteed to enjoy.

And enjoy I did. Our teacher, Kim Sin, was relaxed, funny and effective. She structured the class well. While it started gently, she had most of us sweating by three quarters through.

I was pleasantly surprised by the small size of the mid-afternoon class, which meant that Kim Sin was able to give most of us individual adjustments. Plus, being able to swan dive enthusiastically without knocking out your neighbour is always a good thing.

Yoga Tree offer a $20 introductory pass for three classes. For the mathematically challenged among us that works out to be $6.67 per class. The pass expires after two weeks.

Yoga Tree
519 Hayes St. (between Octavia and Laguna)
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 626-9707

(Swan Dive print available at Beth Carver Art)


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