Let’s hope it doesn’t come to this

Today I am revisiting the question I asked in my very first blog post. Would moving to San Francisco deepen my yoga practice?

The answer?… Not at all. Since arriving in San Francisco, just over three weeks ago, I have practiced yoga once.

Rather than exploring the many yoga studios here in San Fran, I’ve been sorting out my life. Apartment hunting, dealing with paperwork, buying sim cards, hiring trucks, collecting furniture, trying to connect home internet. These things take time, money and oodles of patience.

But now, thankfully, we are on our way to being settled. This would seem like an opportune time to recommit to regular yoga practice.

The trouble is, with all of the moving expenses piling up, I can’t justify the cost of classes right now. I feel like I should do free forms of exercise. Go for a bike ride around Golden Gate park, or make use of the gym equipment in our building.

Unfortunately these substitutes aren’t working. My brain is going fuzzy. I’m stressed and losing confidence. I can’t seem to write anything decent. My bottom is floppy.

So this week, I’m going to make it my goal to find the cheapest (better yet, free!) yoga opportunities in San Fran. I’ll let you know how I go.

(Image pilfered from Fly Island)


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