Don’t you hate it when…

… you think you’ve thought of a compelling subject for your first book. You sit on it for a while, thinking “oh this is silly, I can’t write a book”. Or “if that idea is any good, it will have been done before”.

Then you start writing your own blog. You enrol in an online writing course. You start doing (based on the encouraging advice of a friend).

After a few weeks you think “maybe I could write that book. I could interview those people I am soon to meet and ask Andrew Denton-calibre questions to draw out their unique stories. I could also reveal my innermost feelings and hope that other people can relate and find comfort in them. I could read similar works done by authors I admire and emulate them. I could write and then re-write so many times that William Zinsser would be proud”.

You pluck up the courage to do a web-search on the topic.

And you discover… it’s already been done. The title is even similar to the kick-ass one you thought of.


Didn't stop these guys.

Didn’t stop these guys.


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