Yoga + San Francisco = deepened practice?

What do you do if you can’t decide whether to blog about moving to San Francisco, your vacillating interest in yoga, finally summoning the courage to start writing, or your newly minted marriage? You blog about all of them!

But just how well do these topics mesh together? Over the next few days we’ll investigate. First up, yoga and moving to the city that knows how.

According to Forbes, San Francisco is the Number 1 US city for yoga. There is a yoga studio in San Fran’s international airport, meaning that I can literally begin practicing as soon as I arrive. That sounds promising.

I love going to yoga. I love the way I feel afterwards. I love slowing down, breathing and being mindful.

However I can never quite get rid of the niggling feeling that I’m a bit of a yoga fraud. I am a sucker for pretty but expensive Lululemon gear. I have failed several times at being a vegetarian. I don’t practice every day. I stay away from “community dinners” and other opportunities to mix with other yoga enthusiasts.

So, will moving to the foremost yoga city in the US of A be my opportunity to fully embrace yoga and let go of my apprehensions? We’ll see.

(Image courtesy of YogaAnonymous)


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